Real New Zealand NZCH/Christchurch FSX/P3D



Note: for those who are happy to stick with FSX, there's also a cut-price version of NZCH for FSX only, for NZ$11.50. However as there is NO UPGRADE PATH for this version, you should consider the full version (this product page) if you may upgrade to Prepar3d in the future.

Real NZ NZCH/Christchurch includes support for Prepar3d v3/4/5, plus FSX and FSX Steam Edition.

This image shows the downloads as they appear within your account, either by viewing the order, or by clicking on 'downloads'.

The coloured 'buttons' show the actual download, whether it be the Prepar3d full installer, the Prepar3d airport-only version, or the FSX/FSXse full version.

Note that there is no airport-only FSX version.

The Prepar3d stand-alone version is designed for those with Orbx NZSI who would prefer to see the airport only within the Orbx NZSI scenery. However the full version is recommended, whether or not you have the Orbx scenery. Note that you only require one of the other for Prepar3d, although each installer is designed to cleanly switch versions without requiring an uninstall first.

Christchurch International Airport (NZCH) is the main South Island airport, the second-biggest in New Zealand after Auckland. This scenery includes a large area of photoscenery depicting the city of Christchurch, and a large section of Canterbury between the Ashley and Rakaia rivers, including Banks Peninsula.

There are separate Prepar3d and FSX versions, available under a single license. So buy one, get them both. However this doesn't include any future versions as part of the multi-sim project, which aims to support X-plane and Aerofly FS2.

Disclaimer: Any screenshots shown may contain other addons which improve the appearance or operation of NZCH, but are not required or included. These may need to be purchased from their respective developers -- these include GSX, which adds the Visual Display parking systems, Orbx AI traffic, and Orbx HD trees, which improve the look of some of the autogen trees in Christchurch. 

Prepar3d v5 screenshot
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I never thought I'd complete a NZCH project. I was born and raised in Christchurch, so I'm particularly proud of my city. It has had a rough time lately with earthquakes, and more recently the mosque shootings, but it will be back better than ever. The scenery depicts the 'current' state of the city, which is in the middle of a major rebuild. The photoscenery depicts some of the changes wrought by the earthquakes, such as the 'red zone' close to the Avon River, where entire suburbs were destroyed. You can see the neatly laid-out streets, but all the homes are gone. The central business district is a dusty building site, mainly.

The rebuild process was estimated to take 15 years, and we are half-way there. I may revisit the city project when it is finished, but I'll be aged about 70 by then, so I'm not promising anything.

A great feature of the area is Banks Peninsula, the remains of two extinct volcanoes, which have eroded into a fascinating landscape of rocky outcrops, bays and convoluted coastlines. It is home to Lyttelton, the Port of Christchurch, linked to the city via a road tunnel under the Port Hills.

Real New Zealand NZCH/Christchurch personal use license only -- please contact me for commercial or multiple license details/pricing.


  • Custom-built, photographically textured Christchurch International Airport;
  • Works with and without Orbx NZSI;
  •  The choice between the full area photoscenery, and for Orbx NZSI users the airport only;
  • Full release: approx 7,000 square kilometres of photoscenery, at least 1.2 metre/pixel;
  • Full release: Christchurch City at 60cm/px;
  • Christchurch International Airport at 7cm/px.
  • Animated jetways, controlled by SODE;
  • Prepar3d v4 version includes dynamic lights on the tarmac etc.;
  • 5 metre elevation data for much of the photoscenery area;
  • ...1 metre elevation data for the airport and surrounds;
  • GSX 'ini' file included to add GSX features to the gates, including visual guidance systems.
  • Approx 2.44GB for the full scenery release, or 1.48GB for the airport-only release.

Note that this is a non-commercial license only, for personal use on a single computer. Please contact me for a commercial license or cost details.

This compares the full version of Real NZ NZCH with the airport-only version with Orbx NZSI.

Screenshots: There are also a couple of NZCH videos on the Godzone Videos page here. Note that at the moment, there are only Prepar3d screenshots shown, I'll try and remedy that at some stage.