Real NZ Christchurch Prepay


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This prepay offer was available for a short time prior to the release of Real NZ NZCH/Christchurch. This has now been released, click here to view the product page.

This 'product' will remain here, inactive, so that the extra benefits of the prepay version can be applied as they are released. Thanks to those who supported me through the development stage!

This prepay option is aimed at New Zealand Flightsim Forum members mainly, but open to everyone. As is common with any new Real NZ scenery, funding becomes an issue towards the end of the development period, so this option is a great way to help me finish it and get it released! If you are unsure of the benefits of a Real NZ scenery, then you may be better off waiting for the final release, but if you know what to expect from a Real NZ scenery, then please consider supporting me via pre-pay.

Please take note:

The initial release will be for Prepar3d v3 and v4 only, followed by a FSX version, and as this is part of the multi-sim project, there may be an Aerofly FS2 and/or X-plane version to follow.

(Note that those who contributed to the Kickstarter, beyond the first (non-reward) tier, will already be receiving this scenery as their first 'reward'.)

Prepay benefits:

  • A discount of approx. 25% -- this is only approximate as I have yet to settle on a release price, but I am leaning towards NZ$40, so the prepay price of NZ$30 is currently a 25% saving.
  • a multi-sim license -- the initial release will be for Prepar3d v3 and v4 only, followed by FSX, and a normal license will cover these 'MSFS-based' simulators only. For those who pre-pay, I will extend the license to include any future releases for Aerofly FS2 or X-plane.
  • You'll be keeping development on track, and helping me to continue to produce quality NZ scenery.


  • Accurate model of Christchurch International Airport and surrounds;
  • 6000sq km of photoscenery;
  • Accurately placed Autogen buildings and vegetation;
  • SODE jetways/windsocks;
  • Local POIs within the photoscenery area.
  • Works with FTX NZSI, and without it.


  • Only the initial Prepar3d release is guaranteed, any other versions really depend on the success of this release.
  • The number of Pre-pay purchases are limited, once the limit is reached this prepay product will no longer be available.
  • Soon after the initial release, you will receive notification that the download is ready via the Godzone Store.