Real New Zealand Dunedin released

This has been available for a couple of days now, so here's the official release announcement:)

This will hopefully be the first of many airport-centred scenery releases, although a typical 'Real New Zealand' scenery will always include a photoscenery which extends well beyond the airport boundaries. That's the way I like it!

2016-10-20_13-35-57-735I've reverted to the 'Real New Zealand' brand for Dunedin, which differs enough from the Godzone scenery, in that it is designed to beĀ  quality over quantity, the best that I can do, in a reasonable time. Having said that, Dunedin took far too long, simply because other issues got in the way, but given a clear road ahead I hope to speed up the release schedule.

Here's the product page for Real New Zealand Dunedin, so please take a look at what it offers, and if you buy it and like it, tell your friends!

Those who prefer buying their addons from Simmarket, canĀ visit their product page here.


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