Real NZ and FTX NZ

This is still the most common question regarding my 'Real New Zealand' and Godzone scenery -- how does it work with Orbx/FTX NZ?

As FTX NZ is a popular choice for local simmers, I aim for 100% compatibility for all current and upcoming 'Real New Zealand' releases. This currently includes Real NZ Dunedin and Real NZ Nelson.

The Godzone Compilation/Subscription is 95% compatible, as it is mainly photoscenery, and when this is eventually released as separate Real NZ projects, it will be 100% compatible. In the meantime, the unfinished airports of Wellington and Rotorua are not yet compatible.

'Compatibility' means that you can install the scenery without issue into an existing FTX NZNI or NZSI system. It doesn't mean that it uses FTX features, and generally you won't see FTX features within a Real NZ scenery. There may be a few exceptions, for example although the autogen is normally 'Godzone', the FTX roofs still appear on top. However no FTX features are added, most of what you see will be my scenery.

Note that Godzone has no affiliation with Orbx, although I am a fan of their vast library of quality scenery.

Here's some screenshots from my FSX, which has FTX NZ installed. Everything you see here works as it should, on the FTX base, but only showing Real NZ Dunedin scenery. (Click for larger images.)

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