Real NZ Dunedin price drop

I normally keep an eye on Orbx sales, and try to match them for my FTX-compatible scenery. However they seem to be having a run of sales lately, so I've decided to permanently reduce the price of Dunedin to match Nelson. This way I don't get dizzy from watching Orbx prices rise and fall...

So there is a NZ$10 reduction, bringing it down to NZ$25. As the NZ dollar is particularly low at the moment, this gives a great conversion rate for overseas simmers, NZ$25 converts to:

Approx US$16.90
Approx EUR14.50
Approx AUD$22.70

Note that the Godzone Store charges in NZ dollars, so the amount you actually pay in your own currency may vary. You can choose to view the Store prices in US dollars and Euros, but they are still charged in NZ dollars, so this is a guide only.

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