Real NZ NZCH Prepar3d update

I've aways had the odd query asking if there's a way to turn off the large areas of photoscenery which normally surround my airport. Although this is possible to do, the airports are normally not designed to display this way, so while it might work, I don't make any real provision for it.

NZCH was the same on release, but following discussions with a couple of users, I've released a separate version of Real NZ NZCH which just includes the immediate airport surrounds, and tweaked the colours a little to better blend with Orbx NZSI seasonal landclass. Owners of Real NZ NZCH for Prepar3d can install either version, and the just-updated versions are designed to 'toggle' the scenery without having to uninstall first. So you can try one version, and then just install the other over the top if you want to change it.

Note that there are two separate 'either-or' downloads, you would need to download the version that you wish to install. This is the main benefit of the airport-only version, it is a smaller download, at 1.48GB, as opposed to 2.5GB. All the included photoscenery is unique to each version, though, so 'patching' is not really possible, hence the separate downloads for each.

You can download both if you wish, and install either at any time, but to save bandwidth it may make sense to decide which release you wish to use.

The two separate downloads should be visible via 'My Account | Downloads' or by viewing your order. Those with the top-level Kickstarter access can access the new download via the 'Quick Downloads' page. Any issues accessing the download, let me know.

These two separate Real NZ NZCH 1.05 releases are designed to 'toggle' the installation without the need to uninstall first. Note that these two releases are mutually exclusive, and cannot both be installed at the same time.

Apart from this new version covering the airport only, the scenery is now updated to version 1.05, a minor 'fix' for some issues:

The initial photoscenery was created early in the development, creating five separate scenery files. During the development period, the City aerial imagery was updated, and I really wanted to include the new images, but this did cause a bit of LOD-switching around the Port Hills where the old and new imagery overlapped. This wasn't picked up during testing, so I've now fixed the blend so you won't see the textures change as you fly over the hills.

The new installer also updates the VLC Libraries so that the changes to Prepar3d v4.5 no longer cause issues with custom autogen library objects.

The other issue which 1.05 fixes is to support the new Orbx Central option to 'migrate' Orbx scenery outside the normal Prepar3d v4 system. My installer should now be able to find Orbx NZSI even if it has been installed or shifted elsewhere. However if you 'migrate' after installing Real NZ NZCH 1.05, you will need to rerun the Real NZ NZCH installer to get this working.