Some tidying up in the Store…

Some customers may have received confirmation of a new order today, this is really just some tidying up, it's not a new download or anything like that.

When I added the extra download for NZCH, I had bought a tool which handled this automatically, rather than go through each order (hundreds) and do this manually. However, what I didn't realise at the time was this it also 'helpfully' removed any extra downloads I'd previously added manually.

These are mainly from the July 2018 'buy Dunedin - get Nelson free' sale. To stop this happening again the next time I add a NZCH or any other extra download, I've created a separate Nelson order for each of the affected customers.

Sorry to those who have been affected by this, if you think that you are missing a download, please let me know with the order details and I'll see if it needs to be rectified.

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