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Andrew Underwood, flight simmer, founder of the New Zealand Flightsim Forum, and working New Zealand pilot, has reviewed the Godzone Subscription for the now closed AirDailyX flightsim news site.

I'm not sure how long this link will work, but here's the review archived by the Wayback Machine., the German flightsim news site, has reviewed the Subscription, and you can check out their opinion here.


Just thought I had better let you know that the new Wellington scenery is looking great. I really like the rocky shores around the southern end of Wellington, particularly Island Bay and Lyall Bay. Also anywhere near there, such as Seatoun and Worser Bay. It makes Wellington look so good.
If that was the only thing you did then the subscription would still be worth paying for and more.
I find the scenery looks really good when I jump into a slow flying helicopter and the level of detail is able to be pumped out by my computer. This scenery will provide me with hours and hours of interesting flying. Even though I live in Wellington I never get sick of looking at it. Strange really. I guess it just looks good from the air.
-Dennis O'Connor, subscriber.

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  1. After getting off to a shaky start ( my lack of Knowledge) I have found the scenery fantastic and has made everything worth while.
    Have done three test flights and I really feel at home with the mountains and lakes. A lot more places to explore and many hours of enjoyment.
    Richard Hall

  2. Absolutely and completely worth every cent! I had a hiccup with the Wellington package not wanting play along with Orbx’ NZ Islands, but got it sorted within minutes (it was simply a matter of turning off the FTX BGL files and making sure that the Godzone scenery was at a higher priority). Otherwise it’s “fly out of the box” for me – and what a number of fantastic flights these have been so far! Great detail and some truly beautiful scenery. What more could one ask for?

    Martin “Mallard” Hofmann

  3. Just installed subscription issue 6 and the patch for issue 4. The results are stunning. You really feel at home flying over familiar territory and picking out the towns and state highways. I have been a subscriber since day one and thanks to GODZONE I can 100% recommend these issues to everyone whom wants top quality New Zealand scenery.

  4. Hi Robin, just want to check that my subscription is up to date.. Your work is First class mate, frame rate friendly and pretty damned spot on. For an Aussie ive seen more of NZ than prob most kiwis so i really enjoy flying all over it and instantly recognising places ive been to .. I can say, lets go to an airport i know is at a particular town and just by compass and vfr just fly it right on in.. Ive been plugging your scenery on ARNZX but i really need to go further.. Lets see if we cant get you some more customers who are nuts about GODZONE NZ like i am.. thanks mate..

  5. The issue 9 preview shots of the extention of the Wellington area look interesting. However for me the extra resolution around Taupo and Turangi also the central plateau shots are what I am most looking forward to. Great work Robin & much appreciated.
    Do you get a lot of interest from overseas simmers? Given the apparent popularity of NZ as a destination these days it’s a wonder you aren’t flooded with enquires.

    1. Cheers, Warren. The process of releasing the Subscription scenery does mean that not every individual area can end with a ‘bang’ — The Southern Lakes ended with Wakatipu, which is always going to be an interesting area, but with Wellington the idea was always to complete a chunk of photoscenery which went all the way to the coast in 3 directions, and only blended with default on the northern border. This means that the final piece just fills in this area, and not a popular area at that…
      Taupo, on the other hand, is the ideal spot for photoscenery, as it is impossible to really show these features using landclass scenery alone. Yes, it’s a nice lake in Orbx NZNI, but it looks like any other NZ lake. I like the way the photoscenery shows the actual scars of the volcanic and other forces which have formed this part of the country.

  6. Absolutely stunning scenery! I’ve never actually been to NZ yet, but flying over it virtually has definetly put it at the top of my list of places to travel to.

    Thanks & keep up the great work!

  7. Took off from Wairoa and flew a coastal route to Napier. The land scape from 4500ft was very detailed and a joy to see. As usual quality was well up to the mark. Haven’t had time to fly round Ruapehu yet so looking forward to that. Long may you continue these works, cheers.

  8. Hi Robin
    I guess I have been a bit slack on putting my review up. I have installed all the subs for p3d v2.5 and they all looked absolutely fantastic.
    Now that I have P3D V3 installed I am waiting patiently for the installers to be released and I know that you have a lot on your plate at the moment so I am not in any rush as I am busy installing FTX scenery as they are released. At this stage am waiting for NI and SI.
    Am looking forward to the new Dunedin scenery you are working on as that used to be my home town and I love flying in there from Wellington which also is a fantastic scenery.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Installed the new Installer for P3D V3 and everything went A ok. I put a couple of pics on the facebook site for you robin.
    I have a separate scenery folder for P3D outside of the main folder but directly on the C:/ it is called P3D addon scenery and all my scenery goes in there and then is activated within the library if it has not activated automatically. Your installer activated automatically without a problem.

    1. Cheers, Geoff, I appreciate the feedback. I think that a lot of users have some sort of preference to use scenery outside the main sim folders, so providing for this makes sense. If it wasn’t for the fact that I want to keep backward compatibility with the Subscription scenery, I’d adapt this for the other sims, but I suspect this could make a mess.

  10. Hi Robin Your new website is looking fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing the new Dunedin Airport and scenery as that used to be my hometown and I love to fly in there quite regularly. I notice that there is an area for Dunedin project but I see it is password protected, so I guess that is only for certain members. I also let my friend know that you have opened subs for a short time so hopefully he will subscribe.
    Cheers Geoff

    1. Cheers, Geoff. The Dunedin page was originally put up to keep the interested parties in Dunedin informed of what they were helping with. I removed the page shortly after my last visit to Dunedin, as I know that it is partially visible, and therefore confusing to those without access, but a couple of weeks ago I had to quickly supply some screenshots of my modelling skills, and this page was the quickest way:)
      There are some details of the Dunedin scenery on NZFF.

      1. Wow even the wife thinks it is real lol. You are doing a fantastic job of New Zealand scenery. Am wondering if there will be a new Christchurch scenery later on once Dunedin is finished.

  11. Roelio’s video view of the Godzone Subscription scenery is a fantastic video however I think we are in NZ. Just spotted that he has Queensland rather than Queenstown. Don’t want the aussies to try and claim that Queenstown belongs to them lol.

  12. Excited to hear that you are planning to check out X-Plane 11. I do indeed think that that is where the future of flightsimming lies.
    Oh – and I, for one, have no qualms at all to repay for my fabulous Godzone scenery in full if that means I get to enjoy it in X-Plane. 🙂



  13. Robin
    Not sure if anyone has tried Dunedin in P3D V4 but I have and at this stage I can not fault it except for the installer. Everything looks fine and the Jetways are working with the new SODE 1.5

    1. Cheers, Geoff. There are a couple of tweaks to come in the new installer, SODE in v4 handles elevations differently, I think, so the Taieri windsocks need to be pinned down, and there are a few issues with fence transparency — haven’t quite figured what v4 requires there.
      And of course there’s the Autogen Config Merger tool, which only partially supports v4 at the moment — it only merges my autogen to the new ‘speedtree’ setup, not the legacy set. Once this is fixed, I’ll complete the new installer.

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