The Kickstarter fundraising campaign: 4 days in

Here we are into day 4, and half way towards the minimum goal -- so, in real terms, a quarter of the way there:)

The graph on the Kickstarter dashboard does show that the current rate of pledges will bring us to the target, but not much further -- so I will be pushing this in the hope of reaching a good buffer amount. I've mentioned before the need for a 'minimum' goal, and also the need to surpass this. So please don't pass it by if you see it reaching the target!

Some surprising trends from the pledges so far, the top tier -- which represents giving more than what you'd expect a return for -- has been far more popular than I foresaw, it was really for the few who I knew would want to give a little more. And consequently, the second tier, which was aimed at the same local supporters, but those who are normal kiwi blokes with normal jobs, has had fewer pledges.

The most popular tier, which is heartening, is the '4 pack' for $80, more than 40% of pledges. Initially I expected that the vast majority would choose the single scenery reward, at $25, and that they pledge in the hundreds. That could still happen, but at the moment people are more generous than I had hoped for.

I have begun adding some questions to the FAQ, as they are asked I'll try to answer them. One relates the likelihood of actually developing for Aerofly into the future. As I've said in the FAQ, this is impossible to even guess at the moment, but we may have a clearer view before the end of the fundraising project. But here's a gut feeling chart for the various simulators at the moment:

  • FSX/se: 90% -- it is entirely possible that New Zealanders will abandon FSX completely in the short term, and the fact that this is less than 100% takes that into account. But hey, probably not.
  • Prepar3d: 100% -- speaks for itself, really. The real question is which version people still use, I have already quit version 2, and ultimately I may just support the 'current' version -- v4 at the moment. But I suspect that v3 will continue to be popular for the life of this scenery project.
  • X-plane: 70% -- it is really the market which will determine this, and I am not confident enough to try and read it yet. And by the market, I sort of mean whether people will accept a new payware developer. Plus of course I'd want some local supporters, as well.
  • Aerofly: well, this is where things get tricky:) I have no idea.
  • Dovetail Flightsim World: still, no data to go on. And I suspect that this will be the last to get a decision.

So please make a pledge if you can, by visiting the site.

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