The multi-sim project: more info

This post is designed to clarify one particular aspect of the multi-sim development, which began with the Kickstarter campaign. One person was surprised when I explained how you will eventually purchase the multisim scenery projects, and I am not entirely sure that I made this clear in the Kickstarter campaign. With the Kickstarter, and also the Real NZ NZCH/Christchurch prepay, I did offer a multi-sim license for the initial project(s), depending on your contribution. This was a reward for those who supported the initial development.

So these people already own Real NZ NZCH/Christchurch, for Prepar3d, FSX, X-plane and Aerofly FS2, should they actually eventuate:

  • Those who contributed at least $25 to the Kickstarter campaign;
  • Those who prepaid for Real NZ NZCH/Christchurch.

Everyone else will need to purchase separate licenses for the different sims if they want to use more than one -- although FSX and Prepar3d versions currently count as one sim/license. (The only reason that this will change is if/when I stop FSX development, and then you won't get a FSX version for love nor money....)

How those who already own a multi-sim license will get their downloads will be advised as and when they are released. Prepaid customers will have it easiest, as any other sim versions of NZCH will be added to their account downloads, but Kickstarter contributors may need to continue with the solution at the moment -- to 'purchase' without payment, using the 'pre-arranged' option, and wait for me to activate the download.

As I said, the multi-sim license was a reward for those who supported the multi-sim project -- or prepaid for NZCH -- and will not be available in the future. This may or may not change at some point, but at the moment the success of the multi-sim development depends on too many factors to be able to judge how successful or otherwise it will be. The fact that New Zealand is a small country means that the market is not ever-expanding, despite the increase in overseas customers thanks to world-wide media sites. So it has always been tricky for me to cover the cost of development, and actually making a profit normally eludes me.

However, ever though they will have to pay for more than one version of any multi-sim scenery if they want to use more than one, those who buy a specific scenery license will have a significant discount for subsequent simulator versions. So you will be paying more than NZ$38 for NZCH if you purchase another license for another sim, but you won't be paying double.

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