The promised Real NZ Dunedin Winter patch

This very small patch fixes the broken Seasons.bgl file which messed up the appearance of the coastal water in winter. Everyone who owns Real NZ Dunedin, except those who bought it from my store since 1st May 2017, should run the patch before winter sets in!

It also removes the specular shine from the Prepar3d Taieri runway.

Here's the Dunedin Patch page, note that there are two patches so far, if you still don't see the custom autogen trees around Dunedin, please run the first patch before running the winter patch. The winter patch brings the version to 1.03. Note that there will be a new multi installer which adds Prepar3d v4 to the supported simulators, that should be ready within a week or two. Because of the way in which scenery is installed in Prepar3d v3 and v4, both versions of Dunedin will use the same installed scenery folder -- remember that there's a 'Godzone' folder outside your Prepar3d v3 installation, to make it simpler to update your sim without having the reinstall everything. This same folder should also be used for v4, so if you already have Real NZ Dunedin installed for Prepar3d v3, there will be a small migration tool for this, plus the Subscription scenery, so you don't need to download all the new multi installers.

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