Update: the progress of Prepar3d v4 installers

There are still not released, which I do apologise for. The actual conversion work is done for Nelson and Dunedin, and there isn't much left to do for the Subscription/Compilation scenery, but there are other factors which are holding up the release.

If you regularly visit the main worldwide flightsim forums, then you may have seen some discussions on the 'ideal' way to install Prepar3d v4 addons. My own chosen method has evolved since I began the installer update, but the reality is there is no 'one' right way, despite what some of the community maintains. So I have arrived at a method which should take care of any future issues, at least during the life of v4.

The main issues, though, are simply related to interaction with third-party addons. I did mention that I am awaiting the Autogen merge tool to come out of beta for v4, but as the release date is unknown, I may initially release Dunedin with the beta merger tool. This is risky, though, as with any beta software.

Then there's FTX NZ. My installers do hack their scenery installations a little, mainly to prevent elevation issues with Orbx's 'near-enough' elevations. In the past I've tested scenery compatibility using FSX, although I don't use FSX for anything else. This includes Orbx compatibility, as I only used to have FTX NZ installed in FSX. Now, with Prepar3d v4 as my main simulator, I've installed some Orbx scenery in v3 (NZNI), as Orbx has not really changed their scenery install methods since the start, except for FTX Central, which just controls the installation, rather than changes the scenery locations. However I'm not sure what changes they've made for v4, so I'm not sure yet how to handle those annoying little elevation issues. I am planning on doing a temporary FTX NZNI install in v4 to see where everything goes, but this will need to wait until I can backup stuff, and make some initial arrangements, including installing a new hard drive, as my current drives are quite full...

This was planned as part of the Kickstarter project anyway, as building photoscenery for more than the FSX/Prepar3d simulators takes up a lot more space. The Kickstarter funding will hopefully come through early next week, so I can then get onto the things I need to take care of to support the project.

So once I am happy that my v4 installers are going to take care of all the changes, both internal and through third-party addons, I'll get them uploaded. I know I said this would happen before the Kickstarter project funding came through, but getting it right first time is more important.

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