Wait, wasn’t Labour Day last month?

Update 1 December 2019: The Labour Weekend/Black Friday sale has now finished.

I've been busy with some family matters recently, and support has been slow for that reason. I don't know how long this will be the case, but I do monitor support when I can. When I'm away from the office, email (via the Contact page on my website) is the best support option, as other ways -- such as Facebook -- are tricky to use on a small phone with fat fingers...

Another outcome is that I haven't yet had the time to stop the Labour Weekend sale, and it is rolling over to the, um, Black Friday sale. (Becoming a 'thing' here in New Zealand, but not sure why.)

So you've still got until Friday to get 30% off any Real New Zealand scenery. Note that 'Cyber Monday' is not yet a thing here, and it may take another 12 months to convince me that it is...

One day we'll be having a 'OMG, there's no Sale Day today!' sale.

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