Welcome to the Godzone/Development Blog

Now and then I'll talk about various aspects of scenery design, mainly some thoughts on current projects. This can be serve various purposes, from keeping you informed on the current state of development, through to acting as an informal scenery design tutorial.

First up is Real NZ/VLC NZWN, which is a completely new Wellington Airport and city, replacing the seven-year-old Real NZ Wellington.

As this blog is an experiment in keeping you informed of what's going on at Godzone, please don't publish any information, including screenshots, on any other site without my permission.

You can follow this a number of ways, but the plan is to serve up (WordPress) posts to the Godzone Virtual Flight Facebook page. This is an easy way to put the blog posts onto the Godzone website. I did try to integrate the blog into the Godzone Store, but this caused more problems than it solved.

So to access the Godzone/Development Blog, you can:

Comments are welcome, you can comment here on the Blog site, but it might be easier to comment on the Facebook post.


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