Well, that was a quiet year.

More than a year since my last news post, that gives a bit of a clue as to how things are progressing. The limiting factor is still my inability to gain access to airports, which began with the Covid restrictions, but hasn't really changed at all. As I'm now a pensioner, this isn't a complete disaster. The website does cover its own costs, through residual sales, but this may change -- already 2023 has seen some huge price increases in tools to maintain the site (270% in one instance) and if this continues to happen then I will need to decide how to proceed.

In the meantime, you can still download your previous orders, and still purchase scenery, for at least another year here at the Godzone Store, and beyond at SimMarket, where the overheads are managed differently. Don't worry, you'll get plenty of notice if I need to make any changes to the site.

I am still poised to return to 'normal' at some point, all I need is to gain reasonable access to a regional airport within New Zealand. 'Reasonable access' simply means being able to photograph the airport fully. So if you own or manage an airport and would love to see it accurately depicted in Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3d, then please get in touch.