The Windows 7/8 Scenery Library 'add to library' bug:

This bug was introduced with Windows 7, and continued through Windows 8. The bug affects the way in which you select a Scenery Folder within FSX's built-in Scenery Library.

Now, when you select a new scenery folder within the Library, and click 'OK' to add it, the chosen folder will open, instead of completing the 'add folder' operation. To complete the operation, you simply click any BLANK area within the open folder window. That's all. Once you've done this, it is easy to replicate, but it can be a nuisance the first time. For further details, see this post on the NZFF forum. This includes a link to a handy video for those who can't get this to work.

Many Real NZ and Godzone installers now offer the option to let the installer add the scenery to the library automatically. This is recommended, but you can un-select this option if you prefer to do this yourself.

There are a number of ways to obtain support for Godzone/Real New Zealand scenery, the Godzone Store, and any related queries.

Real New Zealand scenery support:

The first place to start should be the Product page for that particular scenery -- however bear in mind that some scenery is available in more than one product -- upgrade offers are ordered as separate products, for instance, so you should check both the upgrade product page and the full product page if you are looking for particular details. If you purchased a compilation, you should check the individual scenery product pages as well, as they will have a more detailed description of the scenery.

Frequently asked questions for scenery products are normally available on the Support Forum. If you don't wish to join the NZFF forum to post support queries, you should at least read through the forum to see if your query has been covered before.

Simple support questions are easiest handled by email, using the Contact Us page. You can phone me for urgent support, contact details are on the Contact Us page as well. However normal mobile call rates will apply to your call.

Other scenery support:

For other scenery, such as Vector Land Class, support queries relating to the scenery itself should be directed to the VectorLandClass website, but queries relating to your purchase and download etc should be directed to this site. There is a link to the Contact Us page in the Information box on every page of the Store. Any contact details for individual products will appear that that particular product page.

Store/purchase/download support:

There is a FAQ available for any queries relating to the operation of the Store -- see theĀ Store Help section available in the FAQ Categories box to the left on any page within the site.

If you have any queries or issues with the operation of the online Store, then the Store Help should be your first port of call. If you intend to make a purchase, but are unsure of anything such as payment methods etc, then you may browse the Store Help first, as most issues are covered to some extent.

Other important information:

There's an information bar to the left on any Store page, linking to details of conditions of use, returns, privacy etc.
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