boolean -- cutting the door space

We could have extended the geometry of our inside space beyond the door before we made our cut, which would open up the front of our hangar. But in reality our doorway is normally smaller than the inside space, so it should be modelled that way. So we just need to cut a hole in the front using a simple box to make another boolean cut.


We can use the front view to align the box, then switch to perspective to move it into position:

Note that it needs to be wider than the front 'wall', but only just.

Now here's our final basic hangar shape. There is still work to do -- for instance, the final model will have eaves, using our original tutorial technique of extruding the roof polygons and tweaking vertices. But we really have a solid, successful model without awkward geometry or extra vertices.

Here are some of the issues I mentioned earlier.

We really need to work hard to preserve the geometry with all these boolean cuts. Starting with an Editable Poly, and using simple geometric shapes as cuts, helps perserve the solidity of our model -- if we are not careful, we can end up cutting single polygons, so that our model is no longer solid, or manifold. If you find that you can see inside the walls, for instance, then you have done something wrong, so watch each step so you don't make a mess.

I also like to revert back to an Editable Poly often, to remove the complexity of previous boolean cuts from the stack. Back up often! Boolean cuts can lead to instability on some systems.

Texturing the inside of a hangar requires some though. Remember that with FSX the inside will appear differently whether the user has Scenery Shadows turned on or not. Hangars are normally a lot darker inside than out, so I normally texture that way. If you don't darken the inside sufficiently, the end result can look unnatural.

I like to darken the 'floor' by either darkening the aerial image which sits under my airport, or by adding a darker than normal AFCAD-style polygon.

And finally, if you wish to be able to taxi inside the hangar, you'll have to remove crash detection from the model before you export it.


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