Commercial options

Because of the huge amount of local, customised development which fuels the home/entertainment simulator market, commercial simulators are heading more towards compatibility with these, so that they can take advantage of the available addon flight simulator products. Microsoft originally offered ESP, which was a commercial off-shoot of their Flight Simulator X, and now Lockheed Martin have continued development of this with Prepar3D. This not only results in a much cheaper simulator 'engine', but it gives almost complete compatibility with the quality third party addons produced for the home/entertainment market.

There are a number of options for those who wish to obtain a commercial license to use Godzone/Real NZ flightsim scenery, and to have scenery customised for your needs.

If you are looking to reproduce New Zealand in a training or visualisation simulator, using any of the current commercial options compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, such as Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, you can have full access to the type of scenery which our FSX customers enjoy every day.

Note that commercial licenses (like most Real NZ/Godzone licenses) cannot normally be on-sold, although there is provision for on-selling to franchisees. If you wish to purchase licenses for franchisees, please ask for pricing details.

To offer the greatest flexibility, a commercial licensing solution can be tailored to your requirements. Just ask for a quote for your particular requirements.

If you require more than one license, for example if you will have a number of training simulators, please contact us for details. If required, we can quote for installation etc.

Contract-basis: -- if you require custom scenery developed for your exclusive use, we can quote on a contract basis.

Please contact me via the Contact page if you are interested in obtaining a commercial license.

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