Vector Land Class/Godzone Hokitika

This Vector Land Class/Godzone scenery includes the airport and township, modelled to the same standard as a Real New Zealand payware scenery, except smaller... And it doesn't include a photo-realistic runway, but it does feature a number of accurately modelled buildings etc within the township.

It is designed for use with Vector Land Class, but can be used with default FSX, or with FTX NZSI. Vector Land Class libraries are required, but included in the installation.

Updated March 2014 with new, larger aerial image. FSX/Prepar3D dual installer.

You can download this from the Avsim library. Note that you'll need to be logged into the library to download!

People have asked if they can contribute to help me produce Godzone freeware, but in the past I've relied exclusively on payware sales to fund the freeware. However this means that until I have a new release, freeware projects are scaled back.

You can now make a donation if you would like to see more projects like Hokitika.

Donations can be made via Paypal. Just click the button below. You can donate any amount, in New Zealand dollars. $5 is a good amount, just don't go overboard!

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