Godzone Freeware

Here you'll find details of Godzone freeware projects for FSX. FS2004 projects are no longer listed here, except for the old payware scenery which is now available as freeware, so if you are looking for older stuff you should visit one of the flightsim scenery lists available on the web, such as:
FS2004 Freeware

Please check each scenery page for details of the downloads, as these are sourced at various sites.

Future development of Godzone freeware is inextricably related to your continued support of the 'Real New Zealand' payware products, so if you wish to say thanks for all this scenery, then please consider buying at least one of the professional-quality payware products.

You can choose to view details of a scenery from the Table of Contents to the right, or use the 'prev/next' buttons on each page. However because of the way these pages work, the 'continue' button will return you to the store entry!

People have asked if they can contribute to help me produce Godzone freeware, but in the past I've relied exclusively on payware sales to fund the freeware. However this means that until I have a new release, freeware projects are scaled back.

You can now make a donation if you would like to see more projects like those available here.

Donations can be made via Paypal. Just click the button below. You can donate any amount, in New Zealand dollars. $5 is a good amount, just don't go overboard!

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