Shipping & Returns

We endeavour to ship as soon as possible, by normal or FastPost within New Zealand, and International Air outside New Zealand. Please allow 5 working days within New Zealand, or 15 working days outside New Zealand

Note that at present there are a number of issues which affect my ability to ship quickly, mainly due the the recent earthquakes, which have damaged a number of local businesses, including my local Post Shop, which has been closed for the time being.

In the event of a defective disc please contact us by email as soon as practicable. We will replace it by return mail. If you have problems with a disc, please check it in another CD-ROM drive first.
You may cancel your order at any time while the order status reads 'PENDING'. After that, however, cancellation depends on the status of the order -- you will need to contact us as soon as possible. If the order has been shipped, and you wish to cancel, you must return the shipped package UNOPENED.

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